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Don't know how to develop your web site? With over 15 years of experience on everything web related we are happy to offer impartial advice on any aspect of your online development. We will only suggest realistic and cost effective solutions.

We feel our role is to assist businesses who are looking to enter the Internet arena, and manage their Internet developments. Through our impartial advice we can assist in evaluating how the Internet can be used to deliver benefit to the business, and set to formalise precise requirements and specifications. Where required we can source third party suppliers thus ensuring a solution meets its project goals, to budget and to schedule.

Make sure your site is as effective as it can be

Your website is your "shop window", maximise it's potential.

Our Web SIte Website Audit is an unbiased, objective, constructively critical appraisal of your website, from the point of view of its effectiveness in communicating your message, and encouraging and facilitating sales.

We will give you a concise report covering:

  • The attractiveness and overall "message"
  • The design and graphics in the context of your business and brand
  • The site navigation, layout and links
  • The readability of your content
  • How the content answers likely questions from your target audience
  • If the site is selling, how well it invites and closes a sale
  • The speed of loading of pages and images

    Our Website Audits are not technical documents. They may address some technical issues, but always in the overall context of how well your site works as a tool for your business.

    The output for you is a valuable blueprint for improving your site's effectiveness. The recommended changes may not be expensive (some may have no cost).